CarbonActive PL Bayonet carbon filters

Bayonet carbon filter is a replacement part for CarbonActive Pro-Line Filter-Systems. There is possible to choose between three kinds of Bayonet filter styles- Standard, Granulate and Pellet. Each have its own specifications and all will provide a high performance quality. The best would be to use the filters combined to get the maximum of odour neutralisation and security. For example at first Granulate filter, which special feature is higher humidity tolerance and as a second filter a Standard filter for a very high absorption of odours.

  1. Bayonet Standard filter- coconut shel carbon (Ø 0,4 – 0,8mm). The filter is special because it has a four-layer activated carbon fleece mats, which provide a out-standing quality to eliminate unwanted odours and gasses. Due to its layered structure the active surface is bigger to absorb. The Fleece contains very small particles of activated carbon, which will maximise the surface of odour-neutralising particles almost 10 000 times, which will give a massive difference in filtrating air. The fleece mats provide almost no-release of the carbon dust and minimal pressure loss. Corrosion free.
    Max. relative humidity tolerance (< 65%).
  2. Bayonet Granulate filter- coconut shel carbon (4 x 8 mm). Activated carbon made from coconut shells is proven to be the most efficient to filter unwanted gases and odours. Carbon from coconut is harder and therefore releases less carbon dust than other alternative raw materials. Metal housing provides higher humidity tolerance. Corrosion free. Relative humidity tolerance (< 80%).
  3. Bayonet Pellet filter- activated charcoal carbon (Ø 0,4mm). The pellets have a bit lower absorption rate, but therefore is their life-span is a bit longer and provides also a bit higher humidity tolerance compared to the Granulate filter.

Model TypeLength (mm)Weight (kg)
110 m3/h + Standard2501,4
210 m3/h + Standard4501,8
260 m3/h + Standard6002,4
110 m3/h + Granulate2501,8
210 m3/h + Granulate4502,2
260 m3/h + Granulate6002,8
110 m3/h + Pellet2500,6
210 m3/h + Pellet4500,8
260 m3/h + Pellet6001,0