CarbonActive IL pollen filter M5

Intake Line pollen filter removes 99.9% of pollen from the air. The insemination risk through uncontrolled growth is consequently avoided. At the same time, leaf pores (stomata) of the plants are efficiently protected against the adhesion of fine dust and so their CO2 uptake is increased. Furthermore through the pollen filter all unwanted pests and diseases cannot enter to the greenhouse. To ensure a continuous and clean incoming air flow, the pre-filter must be replaced regularly. The Main difference between Intake-Line filter and Intake-Line sock is that the Intake-Line sock is used on the air outlet side of the ventilator and the Intake-Line filter on the air inlet side of the ventilator. The Intake-Line filter can be very useful in combination with cool-tubes.

  • Removes 99,9% pollen from the air

  • Cleans other unwanted dust particles- CO2 uptake increases

  • Intake-Line filter is used on the air inlet side of the ventilator

  • Prevents pests and diseases

  • Easy installation with fixed hangers

  • Possible to fit also to conventional connections and reducers

  • Do not contain reducers- available as a add-on product

  • M5

Product TypeConnection (mm)Air-Flow range (m³/h)Optimum Air-Flow (m³/h)Weight (kg)Dimensions (mm)Filter Class (m³/h)
M5 125Ø 12510 - 5005000,7 Ø 190 x 370M5 / CA HL Replacement Pollen Filter 500
M5 200L 800Ø 200500 - 10008001,4Ø 275 x 315M5 / CA HL Replacement Pollen Filter 800
M5 200L 1200Ø 2001000 - 150012002,0Ø 275 x 765M5/ CA HL Replacement Pollen Filter 1200