CarbonActive IL filter box (without ventilator)

Inline Filter Box consists of the same box used in EC Filter Unit system. In this case the box comes without the EC ventilator and EC fan speed controller, but they can be added if the need is there as a add-on product any time. The compact filter box lets to place the filter units outside of the grow cabinet to gain more space, reduces the noise significantly. The system can be integrated at any position in the circuit- it enables the filtration of both supply air and exhaust or just for circulation, it depends on which filter units are used. Also double filter solution is possible if a higher protection against odours and other particles is needed.

  • Performance range 100 - 1200 m3/h

  • Room size 1 - 35 m3

  • Box without EC ventilator and EC speed controller

  • Removes vent components from grow cabinet- more space

  • Compact- easy to install and use

  • Reduces noise level strongly

  • Double filtration possible

  • Perfect for installation of air-cooled reflectors

Model TypeDimeter ø (mm)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
500 m3/h125310 x 310 x 65015
800 m3/h200400 x 400 x 65026,3
1200 m3/h200400 x 400 x 95038,2