CarbonActive EC ventilator

EC ventilator is a highly energy efficient and silent due to its EC technology. By simply replacing the old AC fan up to 70% of the power consumption will be saved. All EC ventilators are compatible with all CarbonActive EC digital controllers. That EC ventilator series is suitable for small to medium air quantities. All EC fans are 100% controllable by a 0-10V signal. The reverse-curved blades are the most advanced solution to save energy. EC motors are characterised by high performance and optimum control over the entire range of fan speeds. The electrical wiring is simple and providing a complex speed regulation via transformers and the frequency converters will be eliminated. The fan automatically adjusts to the required air volume. (temperature, pressure, humidity etc.) The motors are equipped with ball bearings for a long life-span.

  • Power range 100 m3/h - 1300 m3/h

  • Highly efficient

  • 70% of the power saved

  • EC technology

  • EBMpapst fans

  • Backward curved wheels

  • Can be used in all installation positions

  • Step-less controllable

  • Optimised mono-block support

  • FlowRate Control

  • No hum

  • Easy to use- plug and play

  • Various EC digital controllers available as add on product

Model TypeFlange diameter (mm)Pressure (Pa)Weight (kg)Specifications
446 m3/h + EC RVM1256982,1without a cables
504 m3/h + EC RVM1606172,2without a cables
1111 m3/h + EC RVM2008623,7without a cables
1148 m3/h + EC RVM2508993,6without a cables
1327 m3/h + EC RVM3156704,6without a cables
446 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU1256982,1RFU (Ready For Use)
504 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU1606172,2RFU (Ready For Use)
1111 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU2008623,7RFU (Ready For Use)
1148 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU2508993,7RFU (Ready For Use)
1327 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU3156704,6RFU (Ready For Use)
446 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU + Temp. Controller1256982,2RFU (Ready For Use) + Temperature Controller
504 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU + Temp. Controller1606172,3RFU (Ready For Use) + Temperature Controller
1111 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU + Temp. Controller2008623,8RFU (Ready For Use) + Temperature Controller
1148 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU + Temp. Controller2508993,8RFU (Ready For Use) + Temperature Controller
1327 m3/h + EC-RVM RFU + Temp. Controller3156704,7RFU (Ready For Use) + Temperature Controller