CarbonActive EC silent boxes

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EC silent box is made of galvinazed steel and embody the sound-proofed energy-saving EC fan to serve from medium to small air volumes, especially to use as a tube injector to speed up the airflow. The systems high pressure capacity provides the overcoming friction, deflection losses and unit resistance. Suitable for applications in commercial, industrial and residential areas. The box provides 50 mm thick housing to ensure the total sound and thermo isolation. The devices have easy-opening protective covers, which allow uncomplicated maintenance. Constant monitoring of the motor speed is optional. The speed of the EC motors can be controlled by connecting a 10 kΩ potentiometer to the control circuit to avoid large and expensive regulators or by an external 0-10 VDC signal. These products can not be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, to use only for the supply and exhaust air and only inside buildings.

  • EC technology- super energy efficient

  • Total silent, no humming noises

  • Ebm-papst motor, maintenance-free ball bearings

  • High Pressure (Pa)- low power consumption

  • Includes speed control

  • High Pressure (Pa): Low power consumption

  • Motor protection (Built-in thermo-contact)

  • Compact size and easy installation

  • Cost-effective assembly

  • Low sound power

  • Unrestricted controllability

Model TypeDiameter ø (mm)Power (W)Current (A)Pressure (Pa)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
300 m3/h125530,4360400 x 410 x 32512,4
630 m3/h1601140,99914550 x 485 x 34019,1
1111 m3/h2001951,451150600 x 545 x 42525,1
1170 m3/h2502131,69946600 x 545 x 42525,1