CarbonActive EC IL filter units

EC Inline Filter Unit is a latest innovation on the filter market. It offers a high-quality products in a very compact design which is used where the gas and odour molecules and other particles must be filtered in an advanced level. The system is equipped with controllable EC fans, which provides very energy-efficient air transport. The unit can optionally be operated with a granulate, standard or pollen filter or in extreme cases, with double activated carbon filtration for absolutely clean air. Double filter usage can become important in situations when high humidity level requires higher absorption or when the first filter runs on the last service time. In double filter installation it is recommended to use at first the Granulate (outside unit on the inlet side) and as at second the Standard carbon filter (inside the filter unit.) The system can be integrated at any position in the circuit- it enables the filtration of both supply air and exhaust air. The filter unit is perfect for installation of air-cooled reflectors, but pay attention that it has to be installed on the air inlet side of the filter unit.

  • Performance range 100 - 1200 m3/h

  • Room size 1 - 35 m3

  • Removes vent components from grow cabinet- more space

  • Compact & silent

  • Enormous pressure build-up

  • Double filtration possible

  • Perfect for installation of air-cooled reflectors

  • No humming noises

  • Ebm-papst ventilator, EC technology

  • Fits to all CarbonActive EC controlleres

  • Includes temperature controller

  • Easy to install and use

  • Power 170 W

  • Current 1,4 A

Model TypeFlange diameter (mm)Pressure (Pa)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
500 m3 /h + No filter125700310 x 310 x 65013,2
500 m3 /h + Pollen filter125700310 x 310 x 65013,9
500 m3 /h + Granulate filter125700310 x 310 x 65018,9
500 m3 /h + Standard filter125700310 x 310 x 65014,9
500 m3 /h + Standard + Granulate filter125700310 x 310 x 65020,6
800 m3 /h + No filter2001200400 x 400 x 65023,2
800 m3 /h + Pollen filter2001200400 x 400 x 65024,5
800 m3 /h + Granulate filter2001200400 x 400 x 65033,2
800 m3 /h + Standard filter2001200400 x 400 x 65026,7
800 m3 /h + Standard + Granulate filter2001200400 x 400 x 65036,7
1200 m3 /h + No filter200750400 x 400 x 95033,2
1200 m3 /h + Pollen filter200750400 x 400 x 95034,7
1200 m3 /h + Granulate filter200750400 x 400 x 95048,2
1200 m3 /h + Standard filter200750400 x 400 x 95038,2
1200 m3 /h + Standard + Granulate filter200750400 x 400 x 95053,2