BioTabs PK Booster Compost Tea

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Product ID: CVG01170

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68,80 €


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BioTabs™ PK Compost Tea Booster is a mixture of extremely concentrated organic compost.

Including famous Bat Guano; Kelp; Phosphorus releasing bacteria; Kalium mobilising bacteria. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for human consumption. Store in a cool and dry place. Please note that this product contains living matter and may be affected by mould, but his has NO effect on quality.

  • Available: 2 L / 8 L

  • Bat Guano

  • Phosphorus releasing bacteria

  • Kalium mobilising bacteria

  • 100% Organic

Variant Size ID Vendor ID Price
2 kg 2 kg CVG01170 BIOTABS/PKBOOSTTEA/2 68,80 €
8 kg 8 kg CVG01421 BIOTABS/PKBOOSTTEA/8 223,80 €