BioTabs Guerilla Tabs

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BioTabs™ Guerrilla Tabs are slow-release organic fertiliser tablets that provide the soil with microbiological activity and also fertilising the plant.

It can be used on indoor or outdoor plants, whether in containers or in-ground plants. For optimal results, combine Guerrilla Tabs with beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhiza fungi, such as Bactrex and Mycotrex.

  • NPK: 15-7-8

  • 100% Certified Organic

  • Available: 20 tbl / 200 tbl

  • No need to adjust the PH or EC

Instructions for use:

It is very simple to use, just push the tablet 5 cm deep below the soil surface and water.

4 x Tabs per 10 L container

6 x Tabs per 20 L container

8 x Tabs per 30 L container

4 x Tabs per plant (In-ground)

2 x Tabs for each 5 L of substrate

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20 pcs 20 pcs CVG01167 BIOTABS/GUERILLATABS/20 14,11 €
200 pcs 200 pcs CVG01418 BIOTABS/GUERILLATABS/200 127,08 €