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BioTabs™ BACTREX is a perfect 100% certified organic solution to provide for the root system beneficial soil bacteria. 

It can be used to protect cuttings or germinated seeds as well seedlings against pathogens e.g Pythium spp. It is suitable for soil or coco, indoor and outdoor growing and in-ground planting. It is a dry, water-soluble powder packed with lot of beneficial soil and root microbes. These are selected for their effect on soil structure and fertility. These special combination of root bacteria are “contained” in soluble Yucca extract with organic catalysts, to provide a rapid colonisation and growth at the root zone.

The Trichoderma's are a species of fungi that are harmful to certain other fungi, like fungi that causes diseases. For this reason, Trichoderma's are always used as a soil treatment after sowing or planting, so that they can consume these harmful fungi before they cause disease. BACTREX is a living product, once dissolved in water, the solution needs to be used within 6 hours. Hence the product is very effective, please note not to overdose the product.

  • Available: 50g / 250g

  • 1x teaspoon per litre water. One litre will treat 50 cuttings or seedlings

  • Provides protection against root pathogens

  • Converts organic matter into nutrients.

  • 6 strains of Bacillus spp.

  • Trichoderma fungi strains

  • Actinomycetes

  • Humic acid

  • 100% organic

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50 g 50 g CVG01163 BIOTABS/BACTREX/50 32,50 €
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