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AutoPot ™ SmartPot system is a power-free, water efficient, low maintenance, easily portable modular system with high performance fabric pots. 

SmartPots stimulates plant growing by aerating, feeding and guiding the root system. The porous BPA-free and lead-free pot material provides improved oxygen exchange inside the substrate. When the root tips reach the porous wall of the pot they get "air-pruned" and will stop extending any further simply by the air. It enhances the development of secondary roots, resulting in a fibrous root structure with the improved water and nutrient uptake. This will as well eliminate the creation of circling roots, it will allow to grow bigger plants in relatively small pot. It will completely take care of all your plants needs without the need for pumps, timers or intensive maintenance.

The SmartPot is extremely durable and also reusable.  Still it is essential that a round PotSock (included) is fitted to the base of each SmartPot to provide efficient root control. They can be very easily cleaned. Once emptied the Pots, leave them to dry first, after some days all the dust and small roots particles can be easily brushed off. It is advised to also to wash or immerse for disinfect the pots with some enivironment firendly disinfectant like Purolyt. It is not advised do put the SmartPots in a tumble dryer. When growing in AutoPot Watering Systems it is essential that a PotSock Round (PotSock included) be fitted to the base of each SmartPot to provide root control.

The compact size of the SmartPot systems makes the transport and storage super economical. Room humidity may be increased when growing with multiple SmartPots indoors due to the exposed, porous surface of the fabric pots.

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