AutoPot ™ FlexiTanks PRO

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89,90 €

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AutoPot™ FelxiTank Pro is an advanced version of the regular FlexiTank to store easily water. It has a beautiful modest bright reflective and light-tight outer layer, made from an extremely rugged and durable materials. It is very easy to assembly, because no tools are need. It will reduce the room for storage as well costs for shipping. It never can't get more simpler.

  • Reflective and light-tight outer layer

  • Ultra-strong

  • Anti-tip design

  • Internal capacity markings

  • All fittings included

  • Compact retail packaging

Model TypeCapacity (L)⌀ Diameter (cm)Height (cm)Box Dimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
AutoPot™ FelxiTank Pro 100 L10048,57051 x 51 x 133,4
AutoPot™ FelxiTank Pro 225 L22558,58561 x 61 x 135,3
AutoPot™ FelxiTank Pro 400 L40073,510576 x 76 x 137,1