AutoPot ™ Easy2grow NPK fertilisers

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AutoPot™ easy2grow Liquid Feed has been specially developed to be used with all AutoPot watering systems and is perfect for use to grow all kinds of plants. This is a complete balanced nutrient solution, containing pure mineral salts and is rich in organic plant acids for optimal plant performance. Mixed with 5 ml per Litre of water and is used throughout the season. Heavily fruiting plants will benefit from a stronger dosage such as 10 ml/l. Many widely available liquid feeds provide a balanced feed for plants, but can leave a lot of salt deposits in the tank, that can be block the pipes and the AQUAvalve. This is one part feed dilutes extremely well in water, remains mixed and doesn't separate and will result in a minimal amount of sediments.

  • NPK:2,6-0,6-2

  • Available: 300ml; 1L; 5L; 20L

% w/v
Nitrogen (N)1,5
Nitrate nitrogen (N)1,4
Ammoniacal nitrogen0,1
Phosphorus, water soluble (P)1,35 (0,6)
Potassium oxide2,5 (2)
Magnesium oxide0,55 (0,33)
Calcium oxide1,1 (0,8)
Sulphate0,29 (0,12)
Boron (B)0,002
Cobalt (Co)0,0005
Copper (Cu)0,0014
Iron (Fe)0,02
Manganese (Mn)0,008
Molubdenum (Mo)0,0005
Zinc (Zn)0,002