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AutoPot™ easy2grow system Kit is a low maintenance, reliable and automated system, that allows the gardeners to save time from constant watering. It can be used to grow a wide variety of plants. With this system a wide range of substrates can be used, either traditionally with soil or hydroponically. The easy2grow system is easily extendable, hence many pots can be linked to a single tank. Take a look of examples of a typical layouts using 6 mm pipe or 16 mm pipe. The pots & trays are easily moveable at will, if the plants grow larger, they can be spaced simply further apart. Once the set is up and the tank is filled with water & liquid feed this effective system will completely take care of all your plant’s needs. Available in different variations. It is advised to use good quality compost, soil, or coco in combination of 30%-50% mix of perlite.

  • Marix discs – they are placed inside each of the pots to prevent soil/compost from leaving the pots

  • PotSocks – they are placed in the tray under each pot, gold face up. It prevents the roots from leaving the pots

  • T-connector for easy connection to the easy2grow Kit or existing systems