AutoPot ™ Coco mattings

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AutoPot™Coco Matting is made out of coco fibres to hold the moisture required for the plants for up to 10 days! The CocoMat controls watering by storing it and step by step releasing the water to the plants via it's capillarity. Simply place the CocoMat into some tray, fill the tray with water, place the seed tray on the top and just let them grow.

Additionally it is possible to use also a Root Control Sheet. It prevents the roots from growing into the CocoMat, so the plants could be later easily moved from the Mat to be potted on. Available as add-on product.

Mode TypeDimensions (cm)Fitting
AutoPot™Coco Matting (S)51 x 30 x 3Garland Square 60
Root Control Sheet L
easy2propagate Kits
AutoPot™Coco Matting (L)58 x 51 x 3Garland Giant
Root Control Sheet L
easy2propagate Kits