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AutoPot™ AirDome is developed to increase the amount of air around the roots area inside the pot. This smart add-on can increase yields even up to 130%! It is very easy and handy to use and assemble taking less than 30 seconds. The AirDome is simply placed at the bottom of the pot and covered with soil and then connected to an air pump. To maximise the effectiveness of an AirDome it is recommended to use fluffy mix, such as 50/50 soil with perlite. It is not suitable to use with substrates from peat moss, hence it will compress and therefore reducing the effectiveness of the AirDome.

Type Content Weight Price
Dome Only AirDome body 0,1 kg 1,75 €
Kit AirDome body 6 mm Cross connector Pieces of blue bubble pipe 1 m length of clear air line Full instructions 0,2 kg 5,85 €