Adjust-A-Wings ENFORCER reflectors

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Enforcer reflector is a more simple version of the Adjust-A-Wings Avenger. The only difference is that it's base metal is "naked" and it's not vapour-coated with molten ceramic and titanium dioxide like the top range model Avenger. This missing feature makes it a bit less reflective as well as more harmful to the corrosion. Still the Adjust-A-Wings unique shape will increase the growing area in a remarkable way.

The Enforcer models do not include the Super Spreader and it's available as a add-on product. It's a very smart add-on tool, that helps to spread the light and heat proportionally to all areas of the grow room and eliminate "hot spots" and "shady edges". It's aluminium surface reflects and redirects the light in a selective 4 way pattern and will create even a bit more light and harmonious growing conditions.

  • Adjustable double parabolic reflector

  • Simple version of the Avenger

  • No vapour-coated base metal = decent reflectivity

  • Excl. Super Spreader, available as add-on product

  • PS! No Cable included

Model TypeSize at widest setting (cm)Suitable bulbs (W)
Enforcer Small54 x 38250 / 150
Enforcer Medium70 x 55600 / 400
Enforcer Large100 x 701000 / 600 / twin option