Systemair CarboAir Inline Filters

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Systemair CarboAir Inline Filters are designed that they can be mount outside of the grow room. Simply duct the air out of the grow room and into the inline filter to eliminate the odours. It can be very useful if the space is tight. Inline filters are also good at reducing sound from the duct work by silencing the air noise of the fans. Inline filters are also an integral part of Ozone odour removal systems.

  • Keep filter out of the grow room

  • Save space inside of the grow room

  • Silences noises from the fans

  • Handmade in Europe

  • 18 month guarantee

Variant Length Flange diameter Airflow maximum Price
150 x 740 mm 740 mm 150 mm 900 m3/h 269,28 €
200 x 740 mm 740 mm 200 mm 1200 m3/h 311,72 €
250 x 740 mm 740 mm 250 mm 1250 m3/h 321,51 €
315 x 740 mm 740 mm 315 mm 1600m3/h 331,30 €