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3in1 Plant Booster - Highly concentrated Energy drink for the plants - For hobby growers to the professional farmers

An excellent choice for any way of growing: for all plants and small trees. For plants with a high light and nutrition consumption, to fruit trees, shrubs, 
to bonsais and cacti.

While plant boosters with silicon and calcium and magnesium are usually sold as separate products, the SiCaMg combines all 3 in one bottle making it easy to use.

SiCaMag® ‘s premium ingredients protect the plants to become more stress resistant, heat resistant, powerful and will absorb nutrients more easily even under adverse conditions.

The SiCaMag are added in such a way that even beginners cannot go wrong using this „Energy Drink for Plants“: Accidentally dosed more than recommended? No problem! With SiCaMag® that is not a problem, this overdose will not damage the plants. Great for plant lovers who have not always had the best results so far – but as well for the professional farmer who is looking for a higher yield and stronger plants!

Si (Silizium)

Premium silicon: For a strengthened cell nucleus that you can see and feel.

SiCaMag® silicon uses highest quality silicon from exclusively organically stabilized ortho-silica. The plants will become three times more resistant and stronger, therefore it will prevent all kind of diseases and pests to attack the plants.

The silicon supports the healthy growth of the plants and will be better equipped to manage abiotic stresses like drought and heat, promoting the nutrient uptake  and therefore promoting vigorous flower, stem, and fruit formation! 

  • Increases plant tolerance to drought, frost and lodging

  • Strengthens plant cells which means reduced water loss, less frost damage, more root growth and a decrease in lodging

  • Increases plant resistance to fungal disease and pest attack because of harder epidermal cells 

  • Improved yield 

  • Increases the plants ability to survive and even thrive in high salinity areas 

  • Increases uptake of plant nutrients

  • Decreases toxicity 

  • Improved colour and growth 

Ca (Calcium)

Calcium: healthy plant development.

Calcium activates the enzyme systems and increases the immunity of the plant against external influences: Example too intenese light source. The calcium in SiCaMag® increases the heat resistance of the plants.  As well organic acids are neutralized with the help of calcium, which reduces the possibility of diseases. Calcium helps the plants to build strong roots and tissues, grow magnificently, and support cellular other functions.

  • Responsible for holding together the cell walls of plants 

  • Crucial in activating certain enzymes and to send signals that coordinate certain cellular activities

  • Key to normal root system development

  • Improved disease resistance

  • Improves the absorption of nutrients by roots

  • Helps to convert nitrate-nitrogen into forms needed for protein formation

  • Deficiency symptoms first in the young leaves - new leaves distored, curled and hook-shaped

Mg (Magnesium)

Magnesium: Rich & strong green leaves even with less light.

Magnesium participates in numerous physiological and biochemical processes in the plant. Always full-saturated green leaves that will make every grower happy. Magnesium is a central building block of chlorophyll in the plant. Magnesium make the plants the world champions of photosynthesis. It will increases the fruity yields of the small trees and the roots reaching even deeper layers of soil for valuable nutrients.

  • Deficiency symptoms first in the older leaves

  • Deficiency symptom: Interveinal Chlorosis that causes leaves to yellow while its veins remain green 

  • Deficiency symptom: Leaf margins turn a reddish-brown or purple in colour 

  • If deficiency not cured: Leaf necrosis, Dropping of older leaves, Slow growth

  • Magnesium plays a key role in the photosynthesis process and its deficiency is detrimental to plant growth

  • Magnesium acts as a phosphorus carrier in plants and is essential for phosphate metabolism

  • Needed for cell division and protein formation

  • Activation of several enzyme systems

  • Essential component for plant respiration

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