Prima Klima yield-panel

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Yield-Panel is a very smart and useful add-on product to increase the reflectivity in the grow area and especially in the corners where the reflectivity drops. Yield-Panels is definitely a way to go to get the maximum out of the light in the growing room. Super easy to mount and very efficient results. One set of Yield-Panels consist of 4 high-quality sheets from Vega green aluminium with PVD glass coating, which reflection is 95%. Panel dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 0,5 mm.

Vega green is a high reflectance aluminium developed for the horticulture sector for the realisation of reflectors used in greenhouse lighting. To promote the process of photosynthesis in artificial lighting conditions, the ALMECO GROUP has developed the PVD coated aluminium vega green which has properties of the reflectance spectrum that make it particularly powerful for this specific use. The parameters of the special vega green coating have been redefined from one side to simplify a shift of the peak spectral reflectance towards the orange and red component, the other to maintain a high reflectance in the blue component. Thanks to this particular modification of reflectance spectrum, the PVD aluminium vega green allows to obtain the most efficient photosynthesis and guarantee the best performance of the appliance.