Prima Klima SUNKRAFT MH bulbs

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SUNKRAFT is a MH (metal halide) bulb with a high output power and ensuring as well a long lifetime. The colour temperature of the light is emitted 4200K so it perfectly mimics natural daylight. It promotes photosynthesis and vegetative growth at the highest level. It's the ideal light source for seedlings and vegetative phase of the plants. Ideal for using with Prima Klima's Lucilu electronic ballasts, but suitable also to all other ballasts on the market. Suitable for vegetative phase.

Model TypeDimmingOperating positionInput Voltage (V)Voltage nom. (V)Current (A)Colour temperature (K)Lumen (lm)Lifetime (h)Cap/Base
Sunkraft MH 250WYeshorizontal2301003,0420021 00010 000E40
Sunkraft MH 400WYeshorizontal2301004,4420040 00010 000E40
Sunkraft MH 600WYeshorizontal2301106,1420050 00010 000E40
Sunkraft MH 1000WYeshorizontal2302634,14200105 0005000E40