Prima Klima PIT for PITPUK filter system

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Prima Klima PIT module only is suitable for activated carbon filter cartridge PUK360 - 3 mm with CTC80 - 3mm virgin carbon. The activated carbon cartridges can be stacked as required to create an unique modular filter system KIT to remove unwanted odours efficiently, it adsorbs the odour particles due to it's CTC80 the quality and highly activated 3 mm pellets of virgin carbon. The activated carbon cartridges are easily interchangeable. The estimated lifespan can be up to two years depending of the air-flow, humidity and organic compounds.

Model TypeFlange (mm)Height (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)
PIT 100 mm1002053670,66
PIT 125 mm
PIT 150 mm
PIT 160 mm