Prima Klima Kombo

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Kombo Kit consists of ventilator and carbon-filter and it is a easy choice to go. No need to match products together by a client. Everything is already decided for your needs. The carbon filter has a great distance between flange and coal-bed providing improved uniformity of contact time across the entire length of the carbon bed. The dimensions, both in terms of size and pressure drop, makes it perfectly suitable for combined ventilators.

K260FK Kombos

  • First choice of beginners

  • Constant airflow across internal and external filter surfaces

  • High quality Swiss-engineered motor

  • Minimum pressure drop- high efficiency

  • Longer lifetime

  • Compact

PK Kombo3000 & PK Kombo 5000

  • One of the most silent filtration systems

  • Premium-quality ZIEHL-ABEGG motorised impellers

  • Thermal protection switch

  • Maintenance free ball bearings

  • Galvanised steel housing with powder coating

  • Controllable speed

  • Life time motor (full speed) > 80 000 hours.

  • Optimally matched pressure ratio

  • Operation in high moisture environment air possible.

  • Compliance with UL, CSA and VDE standards

Model TypeCombinationFlange (mm)Fan Max. Air-Flow (m³/h)Power of the Fan (W)Length (mm)Carbon FilterWeight (kg)
K260FK-2501S (1-Speed)PK125-L & K2601 (flat) 125100/12542060500coco6
K260FK-2502S (2-Speed)PK125-2 & K2601 (flat) 125100/12540063500coco6
K260FK - 250 (TC)PK125-TC & K2601 (flat) 125100/12540060500coco6
PK- Kombo3000PK300/315 & K161531530003101250hard-coal63,5
PK- Kombo5000PK355/400 & K161640042005201250hard-coal86,5