Prima Klima Eco-Line coco carbon filters

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Eco-Line Coco range carbon filters are activated carbon filters, which are famous for their extraordinary performance and quality. The extremely high durability and highly efficient adsorption of odour particles is achieved through 4-cm thick layer of highly activated carbon, which is compressed in the filter by means of a special procedure. The huge surface of more than 1200 m² per gram of carbon results in a particularly long contact time between air and carbon, which guarantees an absolutely effective odour removal. To achieve excellent odour filtration results, filters should contain at least > 1.0 kg high-quality activated carbon per 100 m³/h airflow. Prima Klima Eco- Line Coco filters are extremely durable and can even be refilled! High-quality metal press parts provide maximum stability and durability. The extra-long flange ensures a secure connection. All Eco-Line filters are supplied with high-quality pre-filters against dust, have attachment points and can be mounted in a hanging position if necessary. Effective odour removal at an unbeatable price and performance ratio.

  • Made highly activated coco carbon

  • Activated coal 1050 m3/h surface

  • High durability and highly efficient

  • Guarantees an absolutely effective odour removal

  • Supplied with high-quality pre-filters against dust

  • Surface of more than 1200 m² per gram of carbon

  • Long flange ensures a secure connection

  • Has attachment points and can be mounted

Model TypeFlange diameter (mm)Length x diameter (mm)Max. Air-flow (m³/h)Optim. Air-Flow (m³/h)Weight (kg)
K2600 (100) flat100135 x 3002502002,4
K2600 (100) mini100180 x1802401601,9
K2600 (100)1002503602402,4
K2601 (100) flat100250 x 2304403603,6
K2601 (100)1004004803603,6
K2600 (125) mini125180 x 1802401601,9
K2600 (125) flat125135 x 2302502002,5
K2600 (125)1252503602402,4
K2601 (125) flat125250 x 2304403603,6
K2601 (125)1254004803603,6
K2602 (150)1504006204755,1
K2603 (150)1506509007007,8
K2602 (160)1604006204755,1
K2603 (160)1606509007007,8
K2604 (200)200500 x 28010007809
K2605 (200)200800 x 2801300100013,2
K2606 (250)250500 x 330130096011,3
K2607 (250)250750 x 3302200130016,8