Prima Klima EC ventilators

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EC ventilator is a very silent circular in-line fan, which is extremely powerful and at the same time very energy-saving, since it is equipped with a new technology EC-motor by Ziehl-Abbeg. In addition the circular in-line fan features an integrated speed controller that does not generate any humming noises during the dimming process. Therefore in dimmed state the fan only uses the amount of power, which equates to its revolution speed. The circular in-line fan takes approx. 20 seconds of reaction time after shifting the revolution speed.

  • PS! PK125 EC1- no further production, available while stock lasts!

  • Swiss Ziehl & Abegg motor

  • EC-Technology: electricity savings up to 70%

  • Super silent operation due to EC-technology

  • No humming noises during the complete speed range

  • Mounting brackets and incl. screws for wall mounting

  • Energy efficiency: A++

  • Max. Pressure: 1000 Pa

  • Max. operational temperature: 42 °C

  • Power plug included (2 m)

  • ECTC Models: temperature sensor cable (2 m)

  • The expected lifetime > 12 Years

  • Warranty: 3 Years

Model TypeAir-Flow Max (m³/h)Power (W)Flange Diameter (mm)Specifiation
PK125-EC-blue6800-170125RJ45 socket for control unit (controller not included)
Temperature + Min/Max Speed control units
RJ45 socket for control unit (controller not included)
Temperature + Min/Max Speed control units