Prima Klima cool-tube

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The Cool Tube Series reflectors was launched on the market by Prima Klima already in 1996. It was modelled after the UK-made CoolShade with some corresponding modifications and improvements. It was not long before, when almost identical CoolTube was being imported to the masses from China, but without the quality of the original. The Prima Klima Cool Tube consists essentially of a BSG glass tube with a highlight transmission. The flanges of heat-resistant and impact-resistant, nylon isolates the air duct from the heat of the lamp and also serves a support for the reflector panels which are made from environmentally-friendly coated aluminium (PVD). The outer reflectors can be easily adjusted to adapt the illumination to the spatial aluminium (PVD). The outer reflectors can be easily adjusted to adapt the illumination to the spatial requirements (by removing the reflectors, the Cool Tube can also be used in the 360° mode.) The tunnel cooling effect permits bringing the Cool Tubes closer to the plants that have to be illuminated, taking significant advantage of the light output. The Cool Tubes can be easily mounted with the integrated lugs. The high-quality E40 ceramic lamp holder is suitable for HPS and MH bulbs. A high-quality cable gland secures the connection cable.

  • Reflector flanges- coated aluminium (PVD)

  • BSG glass tube- highlight transmission

  • Flanges heat-resistant and impact-resistant

  • Cool Tube body isolates the heat of the lamp

  • Adjustable side reflectors- can be used also in 360° mode

  • Cool Tube allows to place the light closer to the plants

  • Easy to mount with the integrated lugs

  • Suitable for HPS and MH bulbs

  • Used together with air duct and ventilator

Model TypeMax Power (W)Dimensions LxWxH (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)
L2010600425 x 340 x 1501251,45
L2015600505 x 340 x 1501251,72
L20201000622 x 360 x 1701502,4