LUMATEK "Turrican" parabolic refelctors

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Product ID: CVG01832
Vendor ID: LUMR0017

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LUMATEK Turrican Parabolic reflector have been designed in partnership between Lumatek Ltd and Qwod company. 

It has an incredibly even light spread and a design that produces low heat levels under the reflector, meaning that it can be lowered further than is often possible, without burning the tops of plants.

The Turrican Parabolic is a curved reflector that houses your HID lamp via its supplied E40 lamp holder. The Turrican is made of high-quality components that won't reduce efficiency, delivering excellent results consistently over long periods of time. Unlike most other reflectors, the bulb is stands vertically and the majority of its output is directed sideways towards curved surfaces and reflected back down towards the canopy. This method creates a more uniform spread of light than when using horizontally mounted bulbs.

It also features vent holes around the lamp holder to allow heat to escape through the top of the reflector. This, combined with the reflector's open design, means that temperatures under the lamp are much lower, meaning that the Turrican can be positioned closer to the top of plants without causing burning. The Turrican is supplied with a 375 cm power cable with an IEC connection. The IEC adapter is used to connect to a ballast of a suitable output for the bulb fitted to the reflector, rated up to 1000W.

The Turrican is made of 8 x compact leaf plates produced using MIRO® reflective surface material made of purest aluminium 99.99% and covered with super reflective oxide layer providing 95 % of reflectivity. Available also as standard "White" powder coated aluminium.

  • Available in "Miro" or "White"

  • Ø 100 cm

  • H 37cm

  • Rated up to 1000W

  • Compact and easy to mount

  • Packaged in flat packs – easier to store and deliver

  • Superb, uniform light spread

  • Constructed from premium grade components

  • Eliminates hotspots

  • Vented top section to reduce heat build-up

  • Can position close to top of plant canopy

  • Can be used with both CFL-s and HID lamps

  • 375 cm power cable

  • Supplied with IEC lead for simple connection to ballasts

  • Consists: 8 x Miro reflector leaf panels 1 x bag of assorted screws
    bolts and washers, 1 x E40 lamp holder, 1 x top plate.

Type Lamp Base/Cap Material Dimensions Warranty Cable Reflectivity ID Vendor ID Price
White E40 Aluminium 10,4 x 10,4 x 4 cm 1 Year 3,75 m 86% CVG01832 LUMR0017 67,99 €
Miro E40 Aluminium 10 x 10 x 4 cm 1 Year 3,75 m 95% CVG01833 LUMR0018 114,99 €