HOMEbox ® Fixture poles

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Product ID: CVG00457
Vendor ID: FP-100-22

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HOMEbox® Fixture Poles provide additional structural integrity so that the tent lining does not bow in due to lower air pressure inside the tent, while some gardeners living in warm and humid climates.

Fixture Poles can be simply clipped into place on the inner frame, allowing your plants the maximum space in which to grow.

Variant Size Suitable for ID Vendor ID Price
100 cm 100 cm HOMEbox® Ambient Q100; HOMEbox Evolution Q100 CVG00457 FP-100-22 16,81 €
120 cm 120 cm HOMEbox® Ambient Q120; R240; HOMEbox Evolution Q120; R240 CVG00458 FP-120-22 18,49 €
150 cm 150 cm HOMEbox® Ambient Q200; Q240; Q300 CVG00459 FP-150-22 19,33 €