HOMEbox ® Drynet

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Product ID: CVG00454
Vendor ID: DN 60

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HOMEbox® Drynet is a very compact and smart tool for the plant lovers dry their plants and to seal aromas and flavours for easier storage. 

The Dry-net takes the hassle out of this process. At harvest time simply hang the Dry-net up and the HOMEbox® tent instantly transforms into an ideal crop processing area. Its a very simple and smart product, the flexible wire construction allows to wrap it to together to a very compact size  for storage and to open it easily through the tension.

Really useful add-on product, which makes the life a lot easier. Dry-net will ensure that the crop dries gradually, evenly and safely, thanks to the breathable mesh material – this also helps to prevent post-harvest mould issues.

Model Height Diameter Compatible with Number of Layers Portable Bag ID Vendor ID Price
60 8 cm 60 cm HOMEbox® Ambient: Q60, Q80, R80S, R120, Q100, Q120, Q200, R240, Q240, Q300 HOMEbox® Evolution: Q100, Q120, R240 HOMEbox® Vista: Medium 1 (extendable) - CVG00454 DN 60 5,88 €
90 8 cm 90 cm HOMEbox® Ambient: Q100, Q120, Q200, Q240, Q300, R120, R240 HOMEbox® Evolution: Q100, Q120, R240 6 Yes CVG00455 DN 90 49,58 €