GSE Smart Grow Controller - SGC

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Product ID: CVG03425

540,83 € Retail: 540,83 € 540.83 EUR

540,83 €


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The Smart Grow Controller is your personal server that connects together and programs your indoor growing system.

You can monitor your devices and make significant savings in maintenance and operations. You can personalize your  devices to do exactly what you want them to do.

The Smart Grow Controller lets you decide between connection to a local wired or wireless hotspot and connection to your local network, giving worldwide access by https or VPN. Meaning that no information will be spread in the internet to any cloud server. In case of emergency, system events and alerts are sent directly to your email or smartphone.


Variant Voltage (V) Socket & Plugs Frequency Suitable fan Wireless Mobile App Desktop App Alerts ID Vendor ID Price
1pole & 10Exit 230 V 10 pcs 50-60 Hz AC Yes Yes Yes Yes CVG03425 540,83 €
3pole & 10Exit 230 V 10 pcs 50-60 Hz AC Yes Yes Yes Yes CVG03426 540,83 €