GSE EC Fan with internal controller and LCD screen

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Product ID: CVG03408
Vendor ID: ED11-201

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G-Systems Engineering EC fan is a highly energy saving ventilator with a built in LCD controller.

The EC-fan (electronically commutated motors) have a diameter of 125 mm (soon available also as 160 mm and 200 mm versions), it is a very powerful fan with 950 m3/h at 0 Pa. The EC fan do not make any humming sounds while rotating. A built in LCD display with keyboard and led allows a very easy setting and reading of all the information's given by the fan such as actual speed set, temperature, humidity day/night and rounds per minute of the motor.

LCD display shows: Graphic and digital display of speed rpm, temperature display, humidity display (constant) and the set point (not constant, selectable over input keys). A built in light sensor recognises the day/night modes. The Ventilator comes with 1,5 m power cable and 4 m sensors cable. Possible to program 14 individual settings with only three buttons. Fulfilling the required efficiency law by 2018.

  • EC- Technology

  • 950 m3/h at 0 Pa

  • Highly energy efficient

  • No humming sounds

  • Built in light sensor

  • LCD display with keyboard

  • Program 14 individual settings

  • Rounds per minute of the motor

  • Actual speed set

  • Temperature & Humidity (+ hysteresis)

  • Switch over time day/night

  • 1,5 m power cable

  • 4 m sensors cable

  • Ambient temperature: -30 to +60°

  • Protection class: IP54

Variant Power (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) Frequency Flange diameter Air-Flow Protection class Sensor Cable Suitable fan Dimensions Weight Cable ID Vendor ID Price
125 mm 170 W 230 V 1,25-1,50 A 50-60 Hz 125 mm 950m/3 IP54 4 m EC 24 x 26 cm 2.5 kg 1,5m CVG03408 ED11-201 315,83 €
160 mm 170 W 230 V 1,25-1,50 A 50-60 Hz 160 mm 950m/3 IP54 4 m EC 24 x 26 cm 2.5 kg 1,5 m CVG03410 ED12-201 324,17 €
250 mm 170 W 230 V 1,25-1,50 A 50-60 Hz 250 mm 950m/3 IP54 4 m EC 24 x 26 cm 2.5 kg 1,5m CVG03885 ED13-201 332,50 €