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growSYSTEM AIRPOT is the perfect system for gardeners, who prefer to grow on substrates like coco, soil, perlite, rock-wool or mapito. This cultivating method requires a bit smaller tank as growing on other substrates like hydro stones, clay pebbles and hydro korrels. The smaller reservoir is the only difference from growTOOL® growSYSTEM HYDRO. Super-root Airpot provides the best root development and results a great and vital plant growth and blooming as well. Manufactured and assembled 100% in Germany! Go hydro with growTOOL®!

Model TypeIncludesSuitable For Grow-Tents (cm)
growSYSTEM AIR-POT 0.88 x Super-root AIR-POT 3L
2 x Water-spinner
8 x Dripper
growTABLE 0.8
growRACK modular 0.8 -25
growPUMP nutrient HX-8808
growTANK nutrient 40 L
growSYSTEM AIR-POT 1.012 x Super-root AIR-POT 3L
3 x Water-spinner
12 x Dripper
growTABLE 1.0
growRACK modular 1.0 -25
growPUMP nutrient HX-8825
growTANK nutrient 40 L
100 x 100
growSYSTEM AIR-POT 1.216 x Super-root AIR-POT 3L
4 x Water-spinner
16 x Dripper
growTABLE 1.2
growRACK modular 1.2-25
growPUMP nutrient HX-882
growTANK nutrient 40 L
120 x120