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growCOOL Nutrient is a powerful chiller for cooling down various liquids to the desired temperature. It is essential for the plants to use water at the right temperature. This is because the roots of the plants are sensitive to extremes of temperature. Using water that is too hot or too cold can put the plant under stress and cause damage. The optimum temperature for roots to absorb water and nutrients is around 20°C. At that temperature, the water in the substrate still contains a lot of oxygen, and it is also exactly the right temperature to trigger the pump mechanism in the roots. At lower temperatures, the pump mechanism will not work as effectively, while at higher temperatures the plant is less able to take up oxygen from the water. Additionally, higher temperatures and a lack of oxygen can cause an increase in harmful moulds and bacteria and all the problems that associated with them.

Model TypePower (W)Output (L/h)Water Tanks (L)Size (cm)Fits to Modules
HC-150A165250-1200 40-15042 x 25 x 37growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.0
growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.2
HC-250A265600-220040-25045 x 33 x 44growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.0
growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.2