GreenRevolucion Full Spectrum COB LED

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Full spectrum COB LED lights from Greenrevolucion will ensure a efficient and good performance with a affordable price. It's compact and bright design is perfect to integrate the LED module also to the home interior to give the plants extra light in the dark winter periods. When placing the fixture over the plants the recommended distance will be at least 0,4 m. The power cord lets to connect easily max. 3 fixtures into a daisy chain, without a need to buy an extra power cord to connect them, everything you need will be included in the package. The daily recommended operating time is around 10-16 hours. PS! This LED light has an active cooling system and therefore the surface is open to ventilate the hot air. Thats why an extra care is required and it is not safe to use it in a very humid conditions, where the condense water can collect and drip into the system. Keep away from water!

Model TypeDimmingOperating positionPower (W)Input Voltage (V)Lamp Voltage (V)Current (mA)Frequency (hz)Lifespan (h)Chip size (mil)Spectrum (nm)Temperature tolerance(°C)Dimension LxWxH (mm)Weight (kg)
88WNoparallel8823085-25660050-6050 00045660/640/440/460/470/525/730-20° - 50°180 x 180 x 83,52
177WNoparallel17723085-25660050-6050 00045660/640/440/460/470/525/730-20° - 50°290 x 175 x 83,5 3
355WNoparallel35523085-25660050-6050 00045660/640/440/460/470/525/730-20° - 50°320 x 320 x 83,5 5