Gold Label Vegetative Booster N

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Product ID: CVG04425
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Gold Label Vegetative Booster Increases nitrogen and calcium availability for rapid growth throughout the vegetative period.

The importance of nitrogen is due to the amount required during the vegetative cycle when the foundations are laid for the entire life cycle.

  • Rapid Growth

    The most rapid growth happens early in a plant's life, and nitrogen is needed for nearly all

    plant processes during this time. Our Veg booster N provides multiple forms of nitrogen for

    rapid and consistent uptake, readily available. Hence, your plants are never short when they

    need it the most.

  • Calcium Availability

    We support this with our highly chelated calcium to provide cell structure and stability within

    the plant. Calcium is known as an immobile nutrient, so using Veg booster N means your

    plant has constant access to calcium whenever it is needed.

Variant Nitrogen (N) Ferrum (Fe) Calcium (Ca) Manganese (Mn) Copper (Cu) Molybdenum (Mo) Zink (Zn) ID Vendor ID Price
250 ml 12% 0,04% 5% 0,026% 0,009% 0,0015% 0,005% CVG04427 GLNUN0.25 44,35 €
500 ml - - - - - - - CVG04426 GLNUN0.5 59,89 €
1 L - - - - - - - CVG04425 GLNUN1 102,04 €
5 L - - - - - - - CVG04424 GLNUN5 250,70 €