Gold Label Ultra Flower Stimulator PK

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Product ID: CVG04411
Vendor ID: GLNUPK1

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Gold Label Ultra Flower Stimulator PK is for vigorous and robust flower development.

The innovative Super FK formula, allows our Ultra PK to be up-taken across the broadest pH range. Additionally, our enhanced PK doesn't interfere with Calcium or Magnesium uptake resulting in healthy growth and flowering throughout the generative phase.

  • Optimal Uptake

    Traditionally, PK would interfere with calcium and magnesium uptake, which would require

    the addition of a cal/mag additive to prevent deficiencies. We don't need such additives due

    to our use of Super FK, which allows continued uptake of competing elements and


  • Professional quality
    Ultra PK delivers phosphorus and potassium during the generative phase, to increase flower
    development and fruit production, allowing the plant to reach its full potential. It does this
    while simultaneously increasing plant quality and essential oil production for professional
    quality and yields.

Variant Nitrogen (N) Sulfur (S) Potassium (K) Phosphorus (P) Silicon (Si) ID Vendor ID Price
500 ml 0,5% 1,7% 10% 11% 0,048% CVG04412 GLNUPK0.5 31,04 €
1 L - - - - - CVG04411 GLNUPK1 48,79 €
5 L - - - - - CVG04410 GLNUPK5 122,01 €
10 L - - - - - CVG04409 GLNUPK10 221,86 €