Gold Label Ultra Enzyme

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Gold Label Ultra Enzyme cleans recycles and improves your substrate for a clean and professional end-product.

Throughout the plants life-cycle, it produces an abundance of roots and fine root hairs which eventually die off, creating an environment susceptible to moulds, bacterias and other pathogens. These pathogens can reproduce and attack the plant leading to wilt, root-rot and other diseases. The use of Gold Label Ultra Enzyme will protect you from this.

Specific Blend Of Enzymes
We use a specific blend of enzymes that efficiently break down the dead root material's for re-uptake while preventing pathogens from causing problems.

Enhanced Shelf-Life
We aim to produce the most professional nutrients for all growers, and part of that is products that have a good shelf-life which works well whenever you purchase it. It's for this reason, we take our enzyme product and stabilise it using sodium acetate, which reduces the amount of water used and improves product viability.

  • Increased Uptake

    Converts unwanted plant matter into beneficial plant nutrients.

  • Revitalised Root Zone

    Creates a clean and healthy substrate ready to support the best plants.

  • Universal Application
    Suitable for use in all systems and substrates with any base nutrients.