Gold Label Hydrocorn

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Gold Label Hydrocorn is specifically designed to be misshaped and porous - the best inert hydroponic substrate on the market.

  • Pure Quality

    Our Hydrocorn, commonly called clay pebbles are manufactured from the purest quality

    clays and then baked in an open furnace ignited with high-grade clean fuels, which

    guarantees our pebbles have no heavy metals or other contaminants which can be

    detrimental to plant health and yields.

  • RHP Certification

    We are the only company that carries RHP certification for our clay pebbles, which makes it

    the professional growers number one choice of inert hydroponic substrate.

  • Misshapen and Porous

    The porous structure allows the roots to have a supply of water during low-frequency

    irrigations, and the misshaped structure gives your root system more structure and stability.