Hortilux HortiLED TOP V19 80° Daylight

    Product ID: CVG04703

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    The Hortiled Top Daylight impresses with its optimal performance and outstanding efficiency. 

    With a power of 320W and an efficiency of 2.25μmol/W,it is a highly efficient LED. The completely passively cooled system not only eliminates moisture and dust susceptibility (IP65) but also ensures that the luminaire can operate completely silently.

    The LED is already assembled and offers a simple plug and play installation. The lamp comes with a light distribution of 80° beam angle and a Daylight spectrum for vegetative growth and flowering.

    Power (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) PPF (µmol/s) PPE (µmol/J) CRI (Ra) Lifespan (h) Beam Angle Power factor Cooling Frequency IP Rating Spectrum Dimensions Weight Footprint Inrush Current ID Vendor ID Price
    320 W 230 V 1,4 A 720 µmol/s 3,5 µmol/J 90 Ra 35 000 h 80° >0,95 Passive 50-60 Hz IP65 Daylight 97 x 11,9 x 9,5 cm 8,2 kg 120 x 120 cm 55 A CVG04703 1 069,80 €