AutoPot ™ 4Pot System Pro with Clear Propagation Lids

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    4Pot Pro System includes:

    1x 47ltr tank, lid & 9mm top hat grommet
    1x 9mm golf filter
    4x 9mm tee connector
    2x 9mm cross connector
    2x 9mm inline taps
    4x 1Pot trays & lids
    4x 15 litre pots
    4x 15 litre pot propagation lids
    4x AQUAvalve5
    4x root control discs
    4x marix discs
    1x 4 metre length of 9mm pipe
    9mm pipe – Outside Diameter 9mm/Inside Diameter 7mm
    16mm pipe – Outside Diameter 16mm/Inside Diameter 13mm