Gold Label Round Pebble

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    Gold Label Round Pebble expanded clay pebbles with a solid out ceramic layer, ideal for the most intense hydroponic watering styles

    Reduced absorption of water and very even shape creates huge air pockets, designed for the more frequent irrigation systems.

    • Frequent Irrigation

      Gold Label Hydro expanded clay pebbles have a solid outer ceramic layer, which limits the

      uptake of water. They are ideally suited for intense irrigation hydroponic styles of growing.

    • Systems

      Even though the pebbles are dense, they can still float in deep flood and drain systems. We

      recommend to top feed systems for hydro and for flood and drain systems we recommend

      using our Gold Label Hydrocorn clay pebbles.

    • High Oxygen Content

      Due to the pebbles being round, they have an even shape which leaves much space for air in

      the root system. The closed, rounded pebble makes it hard for the roots to attach, enabling

      easy cleaning and re-use of your substrate.