Growth Technology CLONEX® Root stimulator 50 ml

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Growth Technology CLONEX® Root stimulator is an iconic product, born out of Growth Technology's experience back in the eighties. 

It is a gel base with the rooting hormones. It was the first such gel on the market – anywhere. It is now the market leader and has a huge, and deservedly loyal, client base. Suitable for most plant species and most types of propagation. 

The gel makes it very easy to use and to apply to the tip of the clones so that it covers the cuttings fi It also do not easily wash of while the plants are watered. It seals cut tissue, eliminating the risk of infection or embolism. Containing rooting hormone 3,300 parts per million, providing an explosive root development. Contains Indolylbutyric Acid 3,3 g/L