AIRBUTLER ® Jordan Ioniser

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    Airbutler ® Jordan ionizer is especially designed for all kind of vehicles. Just plug the the device to the regular cigarette socket lighter in the cars and the device begins to enriche the air with negative ions to eliminate unpleasant smells, such as smoke, mouldy air and removes to the collector the dust, pollen, particles. General well-being, fresh and pleasant air is guaranteed. As soon as the vehicle doesn't run for more than 2 minutes, Jordan will automatically switch off and the green lights turn to red to simulate an alarm system.

    • Application: vehicles (cars, trucks, taxis, etc.)

    • Bond of particles: 90%

    • Air volume: 5 m³/h

    • Noiseless

    • Clean the collector rings every 40 h
      Batteries: 12V / 4 x AA (not included)

    • Power consumption: 2W

    • Negative ions: ≥ 800.000

    • Active oxygen: ≤ 0,04 ppm

    • Dimensions: 120 x 100 x 50 mm

    • Weight: 175 g

    • Spareparts: none

    • Warranty: 2 Years