BioTabs Starter Kits

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312,24 €

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BioTabs™ Starter Kit is an easy way to get to know about the BioTabs products. Everything you need to start the grow is made together in a ready pack.

  • Box of 5 Display Packs

  • One Pack for 5-10 plants (depending from the pot size)

  • 100% certified organic

Bactrex (25 g)Provides for the root system beneficial soil bacteria:
Trichoderma fungi strains; Actinomycetes; Humic acid
Mycotrex (50 g)Soil conditioner provides a blend of 9 species of Endo Mycorrhiza spores
BioTabs (10 tbl)Tabs for soil and coco: NPK 15-7-8
Orgatrex (0,25 L)Liquid fertiliser soil and coco: NPK: 5-1-5 + Micro elements
Startrex (250 g)Soil conditioner to bring the soil back to life.
NPK: 3-1-2 + Probiotic bacteria, Fulvic Acid, Silicone (Si)