AIRBUTLER ® Watson Ioniser

    Product ID: CVG01107
    Vendor ID: XJ203

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    AIRBUTLER ® Watson can be applied to small rooms up to 15 m², for example children rooms, vestibules, kitchen, bathrooms and storerooms. 

    The high production of negatively charged ions remove particles such as dust, soot, bacteria and pollen and eliminate strong smells. It enriches the air with negative charged ions and provides a better quality of the air, hence ionised air guarantees a good wellbeing.

    • Rooms up to 15 m²

    • Bond of particles: 90%

    • Air volume: up to 15 m³/h

    • Noiseless

    • Dust collector cleaning: every month

    • Spare parts: none

    • Warranty: 2 Years

    Power (W) Voltage (V) Active oxygen Air volume Applicable area Negative ions Dimensions Weight ID Vendor ID Price
    3 W 230 V ≤ 0,05 ppm 15 m³/h 15 m³ ≥ 2500000 210 x 69 x 110 mm 0,3 kg CVG01107 XJ203 33,33 €