AIRBUTLER ® Steven Ioniser

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    AIRBUTLER ® Steven represents the new generation of room ionisers.

    The pre-filter, washable metal filter (Plasma dust collector) and a veritable HEPA filter ensure a high quality of pure clean air. By using an ELECTRET filter system, the efficiency of the purifier is much higher than other comparable devices provide.

    Odour and dust particles sensors automatically notice any change of the air composition and will regulate the action of the ionisers according to it. The high quality UV lamp in front of the ventilation is able to destroy bacteria and viruses in the interior of the ioniser. The ioniser as well shows automatically with LED lights, when the filter has to be cleaned.

    • Rooms up to 70 m²

    • Bond of particles: 99,97%

    • Air volume: up to 180 m³/h

    • Quiet (20 dBA); low (35 dBA); medium (45 dBA); high (52 dBA) 

    • Spare parts: HEPA-filter with lifespan ca. 2 Years

    • UV-lamp lifespan: 1 Year

    • Warranty: 2 Years

    Power (W) Voltage (V) Active oxygen Air volume Applicable area Negative ions Radiance Dimensions Weight ID Vendor ID Price
    80 W 230 V ≤ 0,05 ppm 180 m³/h 70 m² ≥ 3800000 > 20 µw 343 x 255 x 610 mm 6,85 kg CVG01105 XJ3800 266,67 €