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Worm·Humus™ also known as vermicast or worm castings, is the final product of decomposed material excreted by the earthworm.

This high-quality organic compost is made from 100% pure worm castings that have been stringently lab-tested to ensure they do not contain any farmyard waste, landfill waste or compost. It contains millions of beneficial microorganisms that break down organic matter into nutrient forms that plants can easily absorb. Also various forms of humates are in castings.

Research has shown the humate salts are absolutely essential to healthy plant growth. Worm castings are the the only animal faeces that contain humic acid. It contains plant-available nutrients that help give the plants a natural boost. Some research has demonstrated that some plants grown in soil which has been amended with vermicast are more resistant to soil-borne diseases, such as Verticillium wilt. It is a very nutritious organic fertilizer and excellent all-round soil improver, which can be used to refresh All-Mix®, and can be added to substrate mixtures already in use or to prepare the garden soil. The ideal mix contains 10 to 15% humus and 85 to 90% soil or All·Mix®.

  • 100% Organic

  • 40 L

  • Pure vermicompost

  • Prevents diseases

  • Improves Soil texture

  • Creates a living soil

  • Retains Moisture in poorer soils

  • Improves crop yield

  • Contains humic acids- essential for healthy growth

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