Biobizz Starters Pack

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    Biobizz Starters·Pack is fully loaded with everything to begin a growing adventure.

    There is no need be an expert, than just to follow BioBizz nutrient schedule and gain experience and learn how to feed properly the growing plants.
    It guides the process through rooting, growing and blooming until the amazing harvest. It contains all important organic nutrient mixtures just in one box to provide everything for the first growth.

    Starters·Pack Contains:

    • Bio·Bloom 1000 ml - Organic liquid complete fertilizer NPK: 2-7-4

    • Bio·Grow 1000 ml - Organic grow fertilizer NPK: 4-3-6

    • Top·Max 500 ml - Organic flowering stimulant, NPK: 0,1-0,01-0,1

    • Bio·Heaven 250 ml - Organic energy booster

    • Root·Juice 250 ml - Organic root stimulator NPK: 0,1-0,1-0,1

    • + schedules, magnet, pen & measuring cup