Biobizz Coco Mix

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Coco•Mix™ is 100% organic coco coir made from waste materials and left overs by the coconut industry, it has proven to be an ideal medium for growing the plants. The coco coir matter is at first decomposed over a period of time to soften the strong fibres, after the matter is washed with pure water, dried and shredded to become light and airy mixture, which is inert substrate and contains little moisture and has a low pH 5 to 6. It works well plugged into pots as a rock-wool replacement for growing all kinds of hydroponic crops. It is compatible with all types of nutrients and can be used to refresh the old substrates to improve aeration.

  • 100% Organic

  • pH 5-6

  • Inert substrate

  • Suitable for hydroponic

  • Improves aeration

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