CarbonActive IL pollen sock M5

CarbonActive Intake-Line pollen sock removes 99.9% of pollen from the air, absorbs all particles up to 10µm. The insemination risk through uncontrolled growth is consequently avoided. At the same time, leaf pores (stomata) of the plants are efficiently protected against the adhesion of fine dust and so their CO2 uptake is increased. Furthermore through the pollen filter all unwanted pests cannot enter to the greenhouse. The Main difference between Intake-Line filter and Intake-Line sock is that the Intake-Line sock is used on the Air outlet side of the ventilator and the Intake-Line filter on the Air inlet side of the ventilator. To ensure a continuous and clean incoming air flow, the pre-filter must be also replaced regularly. You can also use Intake sock for many times just by washing it, but the quality of filtration decreases.

  • Removes 99,9% pollen from the air

  • Cleans other unwanted dust particles- CO2 uptake increases

  • Intake-Line sock is used on the air outlet side of the ventilator

  • Prevents pests and diseases

  • Includes no hose clamp- available as an add-on product

  • M5

Diameter (mm) Optimum Airflow (m³/h) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
ø 100 <400 0.13 180 x 400 x 50
ø 125 <600 0.15 220 x 400 x 50
ø 150-160 <800 0.29 290 x 290 x 90
ø 200 <1000 0.34 300 x 330 x 90
ø 250 <1200 0.54 390 x 430 x 90
ø 315 <1500 0.63 270 x 400 x 180
ø 355 <2000 0.82 290 x 400 x 180