CarbonActive EC power box

EC Power-box is the first box fan with EC technology, where the high energy efficient EC backward curved radial fan is placed into a compact metal box, which can be easily integrated with your existing ventilation system. Each EC PowerBox is equipped with a CE device plug and with a 3,5 mm jack cable, which lets you to connect the controllers directly and without extra cabling. The system lets to switch from a speed controller to a temperature controller within 5 seconds or back again even during the operation mode. NB! It is possible to purchase EC Power boxes also without EC Controller in case you already have one, but remind that EC fans can not be operated without a EC fan controller. Pay attention that EC fans cannot get regulated with a AC controller (dimmer).

  • Performance range 100 m3/h - 3500 m3/h

  • EC technology-extra efficient energy consumption

  • Higher Pressure (Pa)- lower power consumption

  • Ebm-papst motor

  • Adjustable- reducing to 10% without humming noises

  • Vibration free

  • Optimised size and air-flow ratio

  • Compact and silent

  • Easy to install- plug and play

  • Fits with all CarbonActive EC controllers

  • Swiss invention

Model TypeFlange diameter (mm)Pressure (Pa)Power (W)Current (A)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
280 m3/h125450270,26273 x 273 x 3024,2
750 m3/h160700850,8353 x 353 x 3416,5
1000 m3/h20012001701,4383 x 383 x 3687,8
1250 m3/h2009001701,35453 x 453 x 41810,4
1500 m3/h2507501701,35503 x 503 x 44412,4
2200 m3/h31515005002,2550 x 550 x 46521,7
3500 m3/h3159005002,2565 x 565 x 50025